How to supplement properly?

Improper vitamin C supplementation not only makes the body unable to absorb nutrients, and can be harmful to health.

According to the National Institute of Nutrition, vitamin C is a very important micronutrient that helps maintain a healthy immune system. Vitamin C is not only available in the form of synthetic drugs, but also in fruits and natural foods we eat every day such as oranges, tangerines, bananas, papayas, peas, vegetables, cabbage, potatoes. zucchini, broccoli… Accordingly, depending on the type, we use this substance properly.

Meanwhile, vitamin C is a water-soluble substance, so when used in high amounts once, the body cannot absorb it completely, so it will be excreted in the urine. Therefore, the use of high levels of vitamin C will not be as effective as taking small amounts and supplementing several times a day.

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Vitamin C needs to be properly supplemented. Photo: PLO

For the synthetic form of vitamin C

According to the Institute of Nutrition, statistics show that, if used in high doses (1,000mg per day) and lasts for many days, it can cause digestive disorders such as burning, stomach bleeding or diarrhea, causing excess iron. , reduce the durability of red blood cells, reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria.

For people with G6PD deficiency, taking high doses of vitamin C for a long time may cause hemolysis. In addition, if you use vitamin C regularly, high doses make the body easy to get used to, when not used, you will feel tired.

An overdose of vitamin C can manifest itself through signs such as paleness, emaciation, anemia, constant weight loss, stomach pain, fever, and insomnia.

Therefore, the use of synthetic vitamin C needs to follow the advice and guidance of a doctor. You should not consider vitamin C as a tonic, or a “cooling” drug in the hot season.

As for the natural form of vitamin C

Because this is a water-soluble substance, to provide the recommended amount of vitamin C, it is necessary to continuously provide vitamin C-rich foods in the diet to maintain the correct dose.

Therefore, you should eat vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables or cook vitamin C-rich foods with minimal water to avoid loss of water-soluble vitamins when cooked.

It is necessary to eat fruit immediately after peeling to avoid loss of vitamin C. Photo: Phan Anh

In addition, to avoid the loss of vitamin C in vegetables and fruits, when buying food, we need to avoid sunlight, buy vegetables and fruits for best use during the day.

During processing, do not cut or slice food into small pieces before washing, because this makes vitamin C more easily disappear. Similarly, should limit chopping, crushing vegetables and fruits when processing, wash gently, cook at a moderate temperature, to avoid food being bullied and vitamin C loss.