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A guide to knowing which hosting is valid for your site:

If you want to buy hosting for your site and you do not have any background regarding web hosting, flash you will be confused between hundreds of plans and thousands of websites for hosting offers, and you will not be able to make the right decision regarding the company and the type of hosting and the appropriate plan for your site in the face of this mess that the Internet is full of Advertising campaigns, promotions, and site and friends incentives as well sometimes, here in this article we will guide you only on the most important points that you should know before coming to buy the appropriate hosting for the size of your website or blog through three useful tips before buying hosting

This is a set of tips that puts you in front of the right way before you buy any hosting and book a host for your website. You must know it, check it, and test its quality before purchasing hosting. Perhaps you explored all the companies in the online market and made comparisons between the specifications provided by it and made In consulting his friends who own the sites, she asked everyone interested and searched on Google for the best and available hosting and the cheapest paid foreign hosting, and compared cheap prices with exaggerated ones.

There is no doubt that you got acquainted with the different hosting plans and found them disparate, convergent, and identical in some aspects, and the multiple tables of benefits, specifications and prices may make the matter confuse you and you no longer know which hosting you will choose, and there are many rounds here and there days before he chooses the right hosting for your site and here we will alert you To what you should know in a complete summary, and take it as a good and valuable basis before you make your decision with conviction and conviction

Here we list three tips before purchasing your site and it may not be enough for some, but it is one of the most important things that everyone interested in building a website or blog should know before setting out to find a suitable host at the level

Look for the hosting company’s website and its popularity on the Internet:

By using search engines and the Alexa site, you will know the company’s ranking, fame, and the percentage of visitors to it, which will give you a first impression of the company’s website within the Internet, then through search engines search for reviews and opinions of hosting clients and compare the percentage of positive evaluations between negative ones.

If the latter overwhelms the first, do not rush to judge because it does not resort Always to complain, they are the ones with problems, as for the satisfied majority. She hosts her site and then relaxes. Also, do not miss that new and good companies may not find anyone talking about them, and there is not much information nor reviews of previous clients about them

It is not necessary for the hosting company to be famous and known in order to judge it with success. Many internationally known hosts depend on marketing, advertising and granting incentives to marketers for them. These hosts are a lot, and they can be searched for by knowing where some of the leading popular sites host their sites

Customer reviews and the experience of hosting users expressed on evaluation sites are sometimes useful to know the level of hosting quality, but it must also be noted that some hosting evaluation sites are exposed to bribes by large companies, so they refrain from publishing negative reviews and promote them in an undeclared way by publishing positive or false reviews and to distinguish these sites. Usually, they promote the best hosting on their sites in order and put affiliate links to the companies promoting them

Check the server’s server specifications and privileges:

The price of hosting is the last thing you turn to, and that the site will not mention to you except the things that support its side and in its favour, so do not be tempted by the cheap price, even if it is attractive, it does not apply only to the first year of hosting and you will pay dearly for renewal, as the low price is always hidden behind many Shortcomings and negatives.

I know that the limitless storage capacity and traffic is limited by the number of hosted files and the limited download capacity of each file, and with limited consumption of server resources, which results in cramping and slowing your site, and that the limitations of databases are always dependent on the size limit of these rules.

Checking the specifications and privileges of the hosting company is only useful for you to take a look at the specifications of the hosting plan and the overall features in order to verify the silence about it Either by searching and investigating or chatting with technical support and inquiring about what they did not mention in the hosting plan. I know that filling the planned program with a lot of programs and scripts as being free or installed with one click of a button is nothing they are because you can install your site as you like and with the same features and more.

The technical capabilities of the hosting in terms of server or server qualifications and then the speed of communication is the most important things that must be paid attention to before choosing a hosting company, and if these companies express technical specifications in virtual and cloud hosting and dedicated servers, then in the example of shared hosting the company refuses to express the specifications of the server and its technical capabilities.

It is one of the things that must be asked about before embarking on the purchase of hosting, as the server prefers to be linked to a fast connection and is equipped with random memory at the level of the size of the site and with the speed of a processor capable of working in the best conditions, then the hard disk, which is preferred not to be of the traditional type characterized by its slow operation

The home of the hosting data centre, i.e. the place where the servers are located, is very important, as when it was soon, the hosting was faster and better for the site, and as this feature can be compensated for with the content transmission network known as CDN, providing you with hosting close to your visitors will spare you from Pay other money to join these content transmission networks

Check the speed of the hosting company’s server response and know the number of its arsenal of servers and its locations in the world. If the server is close to the countries targeted by your site and the server speed is good, then two factors are very important for archiving in search engines and getting a ranking in the first results and be sure to know the rate of alertness The company’s server and the percentage of its remaining operational, the high availability of the server and its proximity to one hundred per cent of the good advantages that measure the quality of hosting companies at the present time

Do not forget to know the hosting date in terms of the level of alertness of the servers, which is preferred to exceed 99.95 per cent in general, then the speed of the response of the servers when contacting them. When the response takes less time, it is better to host your site.

Inspect the level of security and technical support and the degree of its response:

Technical support is one of the most important things that must be taken into account, as the level of technical support for any hosting company is like an emergency team that needs to be professional, fast and effective and puts its eye on customer satisfaction at the time of hosting and not before so that your site is in a technical problem, its solution depends on the level of technical support and its response Its speed in the performance of its services.

which is measured by the response structure and monitoring the various communication mechanisms and placing them at the disposal of the hosting customers, such as real-time chatting that is always useful for those who are not able to speak in English, or speaking directly via the phone, electronic applications or via e-mail, and the level of technical support of the hosting provider is measured With the expertise and professionalism of the support staff themselves, their wide knowledge of various aspects of web design and hosting, the speed of implementation, and the short time it takes to solve any dilemma.

The level of security and protection is among the other necessities, so when the hosting provides you with mechanisms to protect your site from hacking and annoying attacks and gives priority to the issue of security at an inexpensive cost, it was better for you, some hosting makes this feature paid and the other overestimates its price

Securing your site data and the ability to record backup copies of it periodically protects your site from losing files and data and protects you from the risk of hacking and everything that would harm your site. Also, taking backups in external servers gives you more safety when a problem arises with the company’s servers, even if this is the case. I rarely fall.

Determine your target site:

Your goal of the site is who will determine good hosting for you. Building a personal blog will only attract a limited number of visitors. It will not cost you to engage in advanced hosting that needs resources and huge consumption of the company’s capabilities. Therefore, owning a site that aims to bring in a huge number of daily visits will put you looking for hosting the largest number One of the advantages and the best of them.

The larger the site, the greater its needs for the level of security, the flexibility of file transfer, speed of server response, and limitations of capabilities. When you want to buy hosting for your site, do not hesitate to ask questions about the technical support of the company and try to find out the capabilities that the hosting provides for you, and do not forget to search for real evaluations of past and current users who have expressed their experience with hosting and the type of hosting used by them, some companies are strong in some kind of hosting and get lost There are several problems in other hosts.

Links to some of the best rated hosting services in 2021:

This is a list of some internationally known sites that host millions of websites and have a good reputation at the level of foreign hosting, arranged according to the speed and duration of their servers as a criterion for their speed, and these hosting are good for shared hosting and useful for beginners in general and are characterized by their reasonable prices and compatibility with the satisfaction of customers and users and compete to provide the best and obtain the satisfaction of site owner.

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