Professional design with Canva in 10 steps.

Today we are discussing how to do the professional design with Canva in 10 steps. Canva is a free tool that helps all business owners and shopkeepers, electronic designers to do work.

Professional designs are one of the most important elements of attraction, whether for online stores, various websites, or even brands, regardless of their activity, which also plays a prominent, effective, and extremely important role in building the identity of any of the brands.

Many business owners, brands, or online stores resort to investing large sums and setting huge budgets in order to create a professional design, whether for the brand’s logo, design for an advertising campaign, or a page on any social media platform and other purposes for which professional designs are used.

Based on the foregoing, during this article you will get acquainted with a tool or program through which you can create a professional design in simple and fast steps for free; That tool is Canva. In addition to a comprehensive and comprehensive review of all Canva services and features, and how to use the program and its various tools and employ them in creating a professional design for your knowledge depending on the purpose of the design, as well as the means through which you will publish this design.

First / A brief overview of Canva:

Program Canva is a free tool that helps all business owners and shopkeepers, electronic designers, as well as all those interested in industry innovation and professional designs that Tskhaddm in marketing for various business or build your own identity with any of the brands.

It is worth noting that  Canva provides more options, features, and services that help users effectively control the final appearance of their design, by providing more customization options.

As is the tool Kanfa Canva is one of the most important and best tools and design programs free on the Internet, which helps e-shop owners to produce all kinds of designs they need electronic stores or even pages of their stores on different social networking sites, which include (Facebook – Anstjeram – LinkedIn – Pinterest – Snapchat – Twitter – YouTube).

Second / Steps to Create Professional Design on Canva:

1- First, you must go to the Canva website.

2- After entering the site you will be required to log in in order to create a Canva account. In this step, the program allows you to choose between logging in via Facebook or your Gmail account.

3- In the next stage, the program will ask you to specify the nature or purpose of using the main program, which contains several designs for different types of professional designs, which you can choose from according to the nature of your business.

4- It is worth noting at that stage that we refer to the program that provides fixed dimensions for all designs for known classifications, for example, but not limited to, if you want to create a design for publication on Facebook as a regular publication, you will find the design dimensions installed by the program automatically.

In the event that you want to put specific dimensions for your design, the program also provides that feature to all its users without any trouble.

5- Once you click on the “create a design” button, a long list of options will appear for you that you can choose from depending on the purpose of the design and where you want to use this design.

6- Once you select or choose the appropriate classification from all the options that appear to you, you will be directed directly to the design page, inside which you can control all the design elements that you want to create using Canva.

7- Inside that page, you will also notice that there are many options on the left of the page that help you reach the appropriate professional design that meets your desires. Each of these options has a function that it performs and helps effectively in the form of the final design, and these options are as follows: (Templates – Images – Graphics – Text – Video – Background – Uploads – Files). The following is a full explanation of the uses of each of these options:

First / Templates:

Once you click on this option, the program will display an infinite number of static templates with different designs, from which you can choose the template that best suits the nature of your design. It is worth noting that these templates range from free to paid templates, but most of them are completely free.

Second / Pictures:

Canva is an important search engine for high-quality images that you can use to create your own design on the program. These photos are free and paid as well.

Third / Graphics or Graphics:

Within this option or section, there are many classifications related to shapes, graphics, fonts, icons, and other graphic shapes that effectively help create a professional design for your brand.

Fourth / Texts:

As for this section, which is the text section, it provides you with many different text designs, among which you can choose the text format that best suits the nature of your own design.

Fifth / Video:

This option allows you to add related videos to your design, in case there is a specific video that you want to add.

Sixth / Background:

This section includes a large number of innovative backgrounds with different designs, from which you can choose the best suitable background for the design that you want to create, which greatly facilitates the nature of your work.

Seventh / downloads:

With regard to uploads, this is a very important option, which allows you to upload specific images or special graphics and other things that you want to download so that they can be used in creating the design of your work.

8- After reviewing all those options available to you on the design page, you can select which options you can use and employ effectively in creating a professional design that will help you in your work, and which ones you do not need in the design.

9- When choosing a specific template for your own design, this template will appear in the predetermined dimensions, whether you specified it or it was specified by the program depending on the type of design; The program will show you additional options for further customization and professional design creation. You’ll notice these options are at the top of the design page, which includes:

  • Scan / so that you can delete any element of the design by simply selecting it and clicking on the option to Erase.
  • Lock / This is an option that enables you to lock any element within the design and prevent it from receiving any modifications at all.
  • Link / This option enables you to set a hyperlink for any element you want to make it clickable and convert it to a specific web page by just clicking on it.
  • Placement / is an option that enables you to specify the position of the element within the design, whether its position is above another element or below this element, and so on.
  • Repetition / With this option, you can make any element within the design repeat more than once, depending on your vision and your will.
  • In addition to more options related to the written texts within the design, on top of which are the spaces between letters and the space between words, font size, writing direction, font color, as well as font type. It is worth noting that all of these options help you more accurately customize to create a professional design with Canva.

10- After completing the customization of the final shape that you want to access from your own design, you can choose from many options that the program offers you, ranging from downloading the design to your own device in order to use it on any platform you want, or sharing Design for specific people, or share directly on your Facebook account, Twitter, or other social media platforms, in addition to the ability to send the design directly by email.


Throughout this article, we tried to provide a full and detailed explanation about the free program or tool Canva, and how to use that tool to create a professional design that helps you effectively to improve the appearance of your work, regardless of its nature or type.

Throughout this article, we emphasized that Canva is basically a free program that provides more free customization options that help you effectively create a professional design for your product, website, logo for your brand, and other various marketing goals.

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