How much vitamin C is enough for the body to have the best resistance?

A recent study found that, on average, 95 mg of vitamin C per day is enough for an adult. Event: Stay Healthy A new study used modern statistical and analytical techniques to re-analyze data from an experiment in 1944 and found that the minimum daily amount of vitamin C in the human body is higher. much more than the 10 mg recommended by the study results at the time.

To find out how much vitamin C is needed in the body, scientists have conducted experiments with crew members and naval personnel over a long period of time. Twenty volunteers participated in this experiment in 1944 at the Sorby Research Institute, UK. Philippe Hujoel, lead researcher of the new study, said: “This vitamin C experiment was a real shock. They gave the participants vitamin C, but in insufficient amounts. Over a long period of time, the participants suffered from life-threatening illnesses.

We could not conduct such an experiment in the present study.” The above experiment allowed participants to consume 0mg, 10mg, 70mg vitamin C for 9 months. At the end of the experiment, those who did not get enough vitamin C had to urgently supplement this vitamin to repair the damage in the body caused by the experiment. Researchers believe that a deficiency of vitamin C will make it difficult for wounds to heal, such as scars that are not firm enough, and even severe rickets. With the previous experiment, the researchers inflicted wounds on the skin of sailors, then measured the hardness of the scars during the vitamin C deficiency period and the subsequent recovery period to see how much vitamin C there was. much is needed.

The results of the experiment at the time believed that, 10 mg of vitamin C per day was enough to prevent rickets in the human body. The World Health Organization’s current recommended intake is 45 mg per day, partly based on results from that year’s experiment. However, Philippe Hujoel said, they used modern statistical techniques to re-analyze that year’s data and found that the World Health Organization’s recommendation was still too low. According to the daily intake, it is not enough to guarantee the normal healing of human wounds.

Analysis of trial data with a new method showed that, for 97.5% of people, an average of 95 mg of vitamin C was enough to prevent symptoms such as weak scarring. This recommended amount has been recognized by the US National Organization of Medicine and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Philippe Hujoel also reminds us that it takes a long time to recover from a vitamin C deficiency. Participants that year had to take 90 mg of vitamin C in a bottle every day for 6 months at the end of the experiment, and they still had to take it in a bottle. have not completely eliminated the symptoms of difficult to heal wounds.