GeneratePress Review

An honest opinion from someone who has used the theme.

In this comprehensive GeneratePress Review, we will take care of all the different features available when buying the theme and how to make the most out of the theme. So, what exactly is GeneratePress?

Why GeneratePress is Best?

GeneratePress is a free lightweight multipurpose WordPress theme; you can use this theme to build a static website, a blog, or even to build an e-commerce site with a premium edition. You have many options, so spend some time reviewing the features and find out which theme is right for you.

GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Review Highlights:

First, let’s talk about the themes and features. The theme comes in over 100 different color schemes that change over time with your blog’s content and page layout. With a single click of your mouse, the theme’s color can be activated or changed to match your current branding colors. There is also a multitude of customization options to help you get the feel of your brand. The premium version also comes with a wide range of additional features including the ability to change or add fonts, support for PayPal and Google Checkout, and over 50+ customer options to fully customize your site.

Site Library:

The thing I like about GeneratePress the most is that it is very easy to install and use. With the installation process, it displays a welcome screen informing you that you need to activate the theme. That was really all it took. There were no complicated options or menus to deal with, just a clean and simple design. This is the GeneratePress Review.

GeneratePress Review

Dynamic Elements and Spacing:

Even though this e-commerce platform comes with an all-in-one design, it does have a few drawbacks that I believe are worth noting. Namely, it’s lacking on the support front. You won’t be able to find any kind of help or FAQ page through the website, and there is only one contact person – Mike. He seems like a pretty helpful guy, but when it comes to actually assisting you with something, he is not what I would consider helpful. For this reason, I recommend that if you want to try out the theme before investing in it, that you go through one of the other Woocommerce providers first.

Another critique of GeneratePress that I like is that its default colors are very boring. Sure, they’re not really the eye candy that some of the other e-commerce themes out there are, but for a website that’s just getting started, I personally think that it’s better to go with colors that either complement or at least don’t clash with your site’s content. With the default, dull colors, I found myself having to look around for interesting and creative color combinations in order to keep my site looking attractive and unique. This is the GeneratePress Review.

Blog and Menu Customization:

One thing that I do recommend, however, is the fact that the premium package includes support for more advanced features. For example, there is support for forums, blog integration (through Google Webmaster Tools), and a “no ads” option on the shopping carts. This, along with the themes included, definitely makes GeneratePress the best option out there. Not only that, but the premium package also includes tons of add-ons and premium color schemes, which I think is pretty nice. So, if you want advanced features but don’t want to spend more money on the theme itself, then by all means stick with the free version. This is the GeneratePress Review.

GeneratePress Review

Other Features:

With all that being said, I’d definitely recommend upgrading to the premium package in order to take advantage of all those awesome features. If you’re just starting out, I’d strongly suggest sticking with the free version until you get some momentum and see how well the theme is doing. If you’re someone who’s stuck with the free version, though, then I would definitely encourage you to take advantage of the customer, as it really makes a big difference.


The theme supports both CSS and HTML, so you’re good to go! The customization options are huge, too, which is pretty cool. You can choose from thousands of different colors, as well as tons of alternate color formats. The thing that really makes GeneratePress stand out from other online marketing systems is its fully-integrated search engine optimization tools. These are not included in the free version, which is disappointing, but I believe they are worth the price. This is the GeneratePress Review.

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