Eating meat in this way shortens life expectancy terribly, many Vietnamese do it every day

The common meat-eating habits of many people are the silent culprits that shorten life expectancy. People who regularly eat meat need to be especially careful.

Studies suggest that meat is dangerous because it contains excess iron, a lot of saturated fat, as well as residues from animal feed. Eating a lot of meat and preparing it incorrectly will cause you to encounter many serious health problems.

Fried sausage, smoked meat

The habit of many housewives often fried sausages to eat with sticky rice and sell noodles, but this is a very harmful thing to health and has the potential to cause cancer.

In the composition of the nutrition of sausages made from fresh pork, in order to maintain it for a long time, a certain percentage of anti-rotten substances must be added in the production process – sodium nitrate. If you fry foods like smoked ham, smoked meat also has trace amounts of ammonium nitrate which will produce carcinogens.

I like to eat fatty meat

If you eat a lot of fatty meat at the same time, it is really difficult for the body to absorb, it will cause indigestion and eventually the body will produce a diarrhea reaction to get rid of the excess fat. In addition to causing indigestion and diarrhea, it also makes you obese or has high cholesterol. Fatty meat contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, if you regularly eat fatty meat, it is easy to increase the risk of blood fat. High blood fat can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

All meals of the day include meat, no vegetables and fruits

Eating meat all three meals a day will put a burden on the organs in the body, although it contains protein and iron, meat is also very rich in fat, eating too much fat and lacking in fiber can easily lead to constipation and diarrhea. ultimately increase the risk of colorectal cancer .

To ensure health, it is better to eat more. Eating absolutely meat or being completely vegetarian is not good for health. Not only should you eat meat, but you must also eat vegetables and fruits, as meat is rich in high-quality protein, and vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins, all of which are very important.

Prefer to eat crispy fried meat instead of boiled, steamed meat

Crispy fried meat destroys nutrition and is not good for health. When the oil is heated at high temperature, it will produce acrolein substances that are very harmful to health. If absorbed for a long time, it can affect the eyes, nose, respiratory tract and more seriously, irritate the stomach lining leading to prostate cancer.

At the same time, the high fat content in fried foods is a cause of negative effects on insulin action, causing an imbalance of sugar in the body and easily leading to diabetes. Therefore, meat should be boiled or steamed to reduce the above effects.

Cook meat too well

In the composition of meat containing protein in lean meat, when grilled to golden brown, even burning will cause the amount of heterocyclic aromatic amines causing cancer to increase sharply, and fat when grilled will also turn into similar carcinogens.

Therefore, the best way is to grill with an electric oven to avoid direct contact with fire and coal smoke. Any baked goods, the burnt part should be discarded to avoid eating toxic substances that cause disease.

Love to eat processed meat

Processed meat has been very common in people’s daily life, such as sausages, ham, bacon, sausages, etc. Because processed meat is not only delicious and easy to eat, but also convenient, many people now like to eat this type of meat.

However, the salt content in processed meat is very high, high-salt foods will increase the burden on the kidneys, not conducive to the absorption of other nutrients by the body. Especially foods like bacon also contain nitrosamines. And long-term consumption of foods containing nitrosamines increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, people who regularly eat foods containing a lot of salt need to adjust, otherwise it will cause great harm to health.

Love to eat canned meat

According to research by the World Committee for Cancer Research, processed and canned meats are directly linked to cancer. It’s best to stay away from all processed meats because they’re easy to make from unhealthy meats.

In addition, meat containers have the potential to be contaminated with aluminum. Most foods are packaged in aluminum jars and then cooked to ensure freshness. But aluminum will easily dissolve into the food during this process.

Deep-fry salted meats

The habit of us Vietnamese is that we like to deep-fry meats with salt and spices to make them more delicious. However, this makes us susceptible to cancer because in salted meat containing pepper stone, after frying in oil, it will produce a carcinogenic compound called nitroso pyrrolidine, which causes many dangerous diseases for humans.

To properly fry meat to reduce toxins, you should first boil the ingredients so that the nitrosamines are released by the steam. Besides, when starting to fry, you should add a little vinegar to eat, because vinegar has the effect of breaking down nitrate salts, so it can kill harmful bacteria for human health.

Eat a lot of red meat

According to an elaborate study of American scientists, the Nutrition Institute of Harvard University said: Any type of meat, beef, pork or lamb, even if you eat only a small amount per week, increases 13 % risk of serious diseases, including cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

If you eat red meat or red meat-based foods every day, such as sausages, ham or canned goods, your risk of diseases will be no less than 20%.” Nutritionists recommend replacing meat with meat. in the daily diet with vegetables, fruits, skimmed dairy products, poultry and fish (non-fatty fish such as pangasius, basa).

However, a diet that includes resistant starch, foods high in carbohydrates can help people burn fat and reduce the effect of red meat on the chromosomes.