Bugatti Chiron “bed” version will look like this

If I could sleep on the most luxurious bed in the world, it would be very delicious.

Inspired by the luxurious and expensive Bugatti Chiron supercar, Oscar Vargas has just released a graphic rendering of an adult bed based on the design of the hypercar.

Specifically, the special bed will still have wheels, doors, headlights as well as the entire steering wheel and rearview mirror. This detail is actually quite dangerous for people lying down because if not careful, it is easy to kick the wing mirror.

The headboard is quite impressive because with the large Bugatti logo, emphasizing the luxury and also matching the overall.

If actually produced, this Bugatti Chiron car bed will certainly be very expensive, but it will still be cheaper than a real Chiron because it does not have the powertrain, roof, columns, interior and exterior. electronic equipment.

If you are a fan of the French supercar brand and have enough money, Bugatti is ready to provide a bed in real life through one of its lifestyle partners, namely Luxury Living Group. Currently, this company is selling quite a lot of Bugatti style furniture such as Chiron sofa, Vitesse armchair, Florio table, Le Mans sofa, Ettore table and chair, Lydia bed – simpler than a digital bed in the post and it also focuses on user comfort.

If this second key is inserted into the slot between the driver’s seat and the door step, the Bugatti supercar is activated with Top Speed ​​mode and can reach a maximum speed of 420 km / h, which is an additional 64 m / h. to the vehicle’s maximum speed. However, to drive a Bugatti, you need to have a master key to start the car, which costs about $ 7,000, before you intend to buy an additional $ 6,000 “Speed” key.

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