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The fight between Apple Vs Microsoft is heating up. Ever since the release of the iPhone, there’s been a growing realization that the competition between Apple and Microsoft is getting even more fierce. And while Microsoft has taken a slight stride backward, Apple has clawed it’s way back into a new lead. Microsoft may be concerned about the fact that Android is close in size to its software and has a big head start, but Apple simply doesn’t have any real competition in the mobile phone market. With this lead, though, it appears as if Apple can really push its way ahead.

To understand the current state of play in the battle for space on the platform spectrum, you first need to examine what kind of competition Apple has in the first place. Right now, it’s not a completely terrible situation-its app base is bigger, it’s more widely available, and it has a better, if still limited, marketing strategy. On the other hand, Google is working hard to make itself a bigger competitor in the mobile space, and it’s coming at Apple with some pretty aggressive strategies. So how will Apple beat Google at its own game?

It all boils down to two things: flexibility and security. The iPhone was designed to be flexible-you can download a lot of different apps, switch between them, and basically use it in ways that wouldn’t necessarily be possible on a Windows phone. But Apple’s biggest weakness right now is that it’s missing out on some of the security measures that Android offers.

While Windows devices allow for “safe” app installation, they don’t allow users to modify or delete app code once it’s installed. If an app doesn’t pass the app store review standards, then it can’t stay on the app store. That means that developers who want to stay in the market need to be able to offer more than app approval-they also need to be able to provide a lot of functionality.

That means that if you want to take your Android experience to the next level, you need to be able to create a customized app from scratch and have the app developer integrate it with your existing website. Once you’ve created that hybrid app, you have an app that can run on the iPhone as well as the Windows platform.

That’s not all. The Xcode virtual machine that Apple uses also supports hybrid apps. Xcode allows developers to create cross-platform apps by leveraging the power of Objective-C, Java, and swift. What this means is that can take your existing Windows Phone app and build it to run on the iPhone, while using the iOS platform’s capabilities to add in additional functionality. Add in a Bluetooth peripheral, and you’ll be looking at a very compelling mobile experience.

With so many options competing against one another, it’s hard to make a call. However, the smart move for any developer is to look into both iOS and Android and decide which platform can give them the most functionality and value. By doing that, you can develop a mobile app that will blow the competition away.

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