Elon Musk mocks Jeff Bezos

Before the moves of Blue Origin and Amazon, both companies related to Jeff Bezos, the CEO of SpaceX expressed his opinion on Twitter. “It turns out that Mr. Besos retired to pursue a full-time job to the detriment of SpaceX …”, Elon Musk shared on his personal page. Here, Musk intentionally misspelled Mr. Bezos’ name with a mocking implication. Amazon’s move is simply a protest, not a lawsuit. Amazon wants SpaceX to be more transparent in its plans to launch more Starlink satellites.

The Starlink global Internet system currently has about 1,740 satellites in orbit, estimated to serve more than 90,000 users. SpaceX is preparing to launch 30,000 more next-generation satellites to improve product quality. To do this, they must notify the FCC of the exact launch locations of the satellites. Amazon claims that Musk’s company has registered up to two different orbits for 30,000 satellites to have more options.

“SpaceX’s actions are both against the Commission’s rules and in violation of general policies. We need the FCC to drop their claim,” said Mariah Dodson Shuman, corporate counsel for Kuiper Systems, a company. Amazon’s other child said. Shuman thinks that holding two different orbital positions will make it difficult for many other space organizations, including Kuiper Systems.

These organizations will have to consider many of the issues related to the “obstacles and space debris” associated with these two locations. According to The Verge, Kuiper Systems has yet to launch any satellites on its own. According to Shuman, Musk’s company should be decisive in choosing only one particular trajectory. If the Commission accepts a proposal to apply for two or more positions for a space project, the nature of the industry’s work will be affected. (According to Zingnews)